A lot of people wash their hair in the shower every day. But few people know the right way . As a result of using the wrong hair care routine, your hair may look lackluster, have lots of split ends and exhibit minimal growth. You may want to change this but have no idea where to start.
So we will help you find right way to wash the peruvian hair.
1. Get the right hair products

shampoo and hair conditioner is very important to our hair.so we should choose them that doesn”t contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, and alcohol among others. Go for natural hair products made of ingredients that will strengthen, protect and moisturize your hair.

Another point is get the right combs and brushes for your hair. Have a wide tooth comb to detangle hair before washing or during styling and get brushes with bristles that are easy on your hair to avoid excessive breakage.

2.Wet and shampoo your peruvian hair

when you wet the hair, pls only use warm water. Ensure your hair is wet by soaking it with the warm water thoroughly. What”s more,Use as little shampoo as you can. It should be just enough to cover your scalp, and then you let the suds flow down your hair strand, and they will get clean that way.

3.Condition your hair

After shampoo process is hair conditioner. Only apply hair conditioner to your hair ends. Make sure it covers all your hair strands, keep it in a while then rinse it out. You can follow up with a healthy hair mask to add more moisture to your hair and strengthen it if needed.

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